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{Dear Beautiful Clients}


To all of you loyal Truthie's who didn't leave and waited patiently for your esthetician to return from bedrest, maternity leave, and catch up post maternity leave.... THANK YOU FOR STAYING.

And thank you for being my client through longer than acceptable wait times!

I am as fulfilled and rewarded as you feel when you leave my clinic or apply that fantastic product to your skin every, (I hope) day and night.


I appreciate each every one of you. And feel your love and support even when I don't feel Zen from all of the appointment and product requests or try to accommodate too many appointments in one day! We get through it, though! It is yet another, new day.


We are working hard behind the scenes to streamline wait times, blending times, etc. I am open to your suggestions here or through message or email, anytime. I want the clinic to be a place you look forward to arriving at every single visit.


As a skin and energy healer, I am able to tap into your skin's healing needs on all levels.  Your formulas are both inspired, and your treatments and products are also Intuitively created. In beautiful harmony with Intuitive Guidance and Flowing Inspiration. That said,


Here's a sneak feature of what is in store for you in the coming weeks:


I have FINALLY decided on product labeling! You may see the following phrases appear on your labels:

"Inspired Skincare" or "Intuitive Skincare"


New Products:


*Eyelash Growth Enhancement Serum
*Makeup Primer (separate or combined in your moisture tint
*All shade concealers
*Acne clearing wrinkle reducing serums
*Cleansing and Hydrating Balms


*Remember - everything is created for only your skin type, tone and conditions each and every time.


(We are phasing out water solutions where applicable, they are called anhydrous formulas - where there is no water, bacteria is less likely to form, requiring less synthetic preservation - broad sprectrum preservation is NEEDED in minimal amounts to keep your beautiful products as fresh as possible.


Your custom blend organic products and treatments are still getting even more pure (certified organic and wildcrafted). What this means for you?

Even more delectable smelling natural products and even more accelerated health-inducing skincare results in and out of the treatment room.


Reiki Hugs and much appreciation!




{Your Adoring Esthetician}

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