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Welcome to Cleanse In Truth Skincare! We are so happy you found us. 

Our skincare clinic marries self-connective Eastern healing therapies


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Japanese energy healing techniques

into customized, unique facial treatments. Our focus is on mind-body-skin wellness. 

At Cleanse In Truth, we are a husband and wife team in love with our work! We go beyond the topical synthetic skincare that you can find anywhere - from the dollar store to high end department stores. 

In 2009, when I learned the truth of what I was performing and selling as a medical aesthetician, I became determined to educate the masses on The Truth Behind the Skincare Industry while I created our education-focused organic skincare company.  Today I coach, educate and ship our skincare products globally. 

We believe skincare products should be custom formulated for your unique skin conditions using true organic ingredients. And we believe in those ingredients being honored and carefully processed to offer you the maximum skin healing potency that nature has to organically offer. We believe you have the ability for healthily functioning and looking skin.

Read more from Melissa, our Licensed Esthetician and CEO:

At Cleanse In Truth, we strive for fluidity inside of the body and a forward movement in life, and within your pores!  I guide you to what I call inner-self connectivity through releasing inner blockages you may not even know you're holding.  Within a daily ebb and flow that  is life,  our skin becomes the innocent bystander to all of our stress-filled thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. What we topically apply to our skin is aiding in its renewal ability or or it may be aiding in the skin's trapping ability.  So many factors impact skin health. We address those factors with you to reveal your body and skin's maximum detoxification and renewal capabilities. Healthy, happy skin awaits.

My skincare products and renewal sessions have the ability to guide you back to a peaceful, inner radiant self.  Our skincare products are the only products that helped me heal over twenty years of cystic acne, rosacea and mild scarring. This is after applying prescriptions and using professional esthetician skincare lines.

As our client I guide you into the inner systems of your body and inner skin functions.

I communicate to the root of these systems and skin layers using my own unique skin renewal methods through Eastern therapies (massage, meditation, breathwork, and our customized professional, organic skincare products); we formulate and create our skincare products in house for each individual client.

From the authenticity of the organic crafted ingredients that create your skincare products, to the depth of education and relaxation methods that await you, this is a skin renewal experience you will not find anywhere else.  We created this healing skincare space for you.  We will guide you as


It starts with the Initial Assessment so I can perform my best work for your skin. 

We are welcoming new and existing clients back into the clinic. Please send me an email through the contact page if you're ready to begin your authentic skin healing journey with me. I will assess your skin, create a treatment and product plan for you and  teach you everything I know that pertains to your renewal journey. This is a collection of sixteen professional aesthetic years and a lifetime of inner healing, to help you achieve your healthiest skin.

I look forward to working with you!

Melissa Armstrong, 

CEO, Licensed Aesthetician

Organic Cosmetic Product Formulator

Melissa’s advanced trainings allow her to work with all skin types and ages locally and globally. This includes general dermatology, oncology and severe inflammatory conditions, to name a few. She has a passion for public teaching, energy healing, and what she calls ‘truth in education’ based on her unique mind, body, skin (and her extensive organic ingredient and functional skin renewal) knowledge.

“I dedicate my career to my clients’ empowerment through my unique teachings of what I call ‘mind-body-skin’ wellness. Working with me, my clients experience a higher mindset of self-empowerment through education and relaxation. It starts with the Initial Assessment.

I guide my clients to results through organic science, functional skin education, and eastern therapy relaxation techniques. From your initial assessment appointment, the attention is on You and your skin's needs for authentic renewal. Among any age and skin type it is both available and achievable to have healthier looking and feeling skin"   



























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Melissa holds certifications in the following:

Neoskin Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening (June, 2021)

Face and Neck Lymphatic Drainage, Vodder Method (2015)

Advanced Organic Cosmetic Formulation Diploma (December 2019)

Customized Ingredient Blending via Chinese Medicine 

Gua Sha Jade Stone (December 2016)

Fascia Release

Aromatherapy (2015)


Oncology (2015)

Ayurveda  (2015)

Auto Immune Suppressive Disorders Esthetics

Acne Clearing, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and Sensitized Skin- Conditions

Chemical Peels

Silkpeel Microdermabrasion (2009)

Reiki Master, Usui;

Reiki Level 3;

Reiki Level 2;

Reiki Level 1

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