Your skin is a reflection of the entirety of You

At Cleanse In Truth, we do not strive for balance. Rather, we strive for fluidity of the body and a forward movement in life, and within your pores!  I guide you to what I call: 'mind- body-skin' connectivity.  Within a daily ebb and flow that  is life,  our skin becomes the innocent bystander to all of our stress-filled thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences. And of course what we topically apply to it impacts the skin as well.


My skincare products and renewal sessions have the ability to guide you back to Self, a more peacefully vibrant  version of your Self. And your skin can be guided back to its healthiest function which I simply call your "Renewal Function".  The body is designed to renew. If your unwanted skin conditions are not healing, have you asked why?

Authentic Skincare is life and body care. You have thirteen internal body systems innately working for you internally. When something is having difficulty detoxing through those inner systems, the result will show up in your visible skin, one of the body's backup detox organs.

That said,

I communicate to the root of these systems and skin layers using my own unique skin renewal methods and customized professional skincare products. This is an experience you won't find anywhere else. From the authenticity of the organic crafted ingredients that create your skincare products, to the depth of education and relaxation methods that await You.  I created this space for you. This is your skincare clinic and I invite you to come back to your "Self". It starts with the Initial Assessment.  Send me an email through the contact page if you're ready to begin your authentic skin healing journey with me.

Melissa Armstrong, L.E.

Owner and Founder



Melissa Armstrong, L.E. is the founder and owner of Cleanse In Truth Skincare Clinic located in Inverness, IL. She is highly sought for her 15 years of functional skin expertise and unique wellness education (one-on-one education and lectures). Her organic skincare formulations and creations are sold worldwide. Clients fly in to spend time in her healing care and to experience her personalized intuitive approach to skin and body renewal.  Known for her expertise in functional skin healing ingredients, she has also created her own scientific skin renewal phases to lead her clients' skin from trapped and unresponsive, to it's maximum health.  She is a cosmetic organic skincare formulator with an Advanced Biochemistry Formulation Diploma that she received in 2019.

Melissa holds multiple certifications in her field of skincare, and mind-body wellness.  To date, Melissa has helped over twenty thousand clients, some of them worldwide, achieve healthier skin and a happier life using her customized methods, ingredients and skin healing sessions.

















Melissa holds certifications in the following:

Face and Neck Lymphatic Drainage, Vodder Method

Advanced Organic Cosmetic Formulation Diploma

Customized Ingredient Blending

Gua Sha Jade Stone

Fascia Release





Auto Immune Suppressive Disorders Esthetics

Acne Clearing, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and Sensitized Skin- Conditions

Chemical Peels

Silkpeel Microdermabrasion

Reiki Master, Usui;

Reiki Level 3;

Reiki Level 2;

Reiki Level 1

Melissa’s advanced trainings allow her to work with all skin types and ages locally and globally. This includes general dermatology, oncology and severe inflammatory conditions, to name a few. She has a passion for public teaching, energy healing, and what she calls ‘truth in education’ based on her unique mind, body, skin (and her extensive organic ingredient and functional skin renewal) knowledge.

“I dedicate my career to my clients’ empowerment through my unique teachings of what I call ‘mind-body-skin’ wellness. Working with me, my clients experience a higher mindset of self-empowerment through education and relaxation.

I guide my clients to results through organic science, functional skin education, and eastern therapy relaxation techniques. From your initial assessment appointment, the attention is on You and your skin's needs for authentic renewal. Among any age and skin type, within your readiness, it is both available and achievable to have healthier looking and feeling skin!"   

1642 West Colonial Parkway  Inverness, IL 60067


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